St Matt’s holds Fun Day

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St Matt's fun day generates a crowd

On a sunny Saturday earlier this year a range of groups and organisations congregated at St Matthew’s church on New Hall Lane for their annual fun day.

A range of activities were made available for both kids and adults alike. Bouncy castles, penalty shoot outs, catch-the-duck competitions, along with music from Preston FM ensured that visitors did exactly what the day was set up to do – have fun!

Reverend Peter Nunn said the aim was to use the day to ‘create an old-fashioned sense of community’, and the cup cakes and BBQ certainly helped create that atmosphere.

Peter Nunn speaks about St Matt’s Fun Day from John Mills on Vimeo.

Other visitors to the day were the Wildlife Trust, the Scouts and the newly formed Friends of Fishwick and St Matthew’s group. Local groups such as the Fishwick Rangers were also on hand, as were Preston City Council and several other organisations. Community reporter Mabel Rodrigues spoke to another visitor to the Fun Day from the local surestart centre.

Check out the audio here: Interview with surestart by John Mills


Members of the public also put on their own activities, such as the popular Zap the Rat game, which involved hitting a replica rodent as it escaped down a drainpipe.

St Matt's popular Zap the Rat game

Local resident and chair of Friends of Fishwick and St Matthew’s Bob Fletcher said: “We’ve plenty of people here, all the stalls seem to be full and they’re all doing well. I’m amazed at the amount of people who have turned out… we must have had a couple of hundred so far, and I’m expecting another couple of hundred this afternoon, and everyone’s having fun.”

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