Christmas Wishes for Ribbleton

12/12/2011 by

St Mary Magdalene C of E Church in Ribbleton held a Table Top Sale and Christmas Mini-Market on December 3rd. There were stalls to raise money for the church and for local charities, a Lancashire hotpot lunch and music from the Preston FM Christmas archive.

We asked people there to speak up and tell us their Christmas wishes for Ribbleton -

And here are some more Christmas wishes people had for the area:

  • After school activities, such as football
  • Better social housing – too many people, too few rooms
  • Stop violent crime in the area
  • Better quality shops
  • A sense of community
  • No loose dogs!
  • A decent patch for the kids
  • Less flytipping (around the old workhouse, nr Gamull)
  • More traffic lights since cars don’t stop for pedestrians at pelican crossings
  • No roadworks!
  • Meeting places for teenagers
  • Flowers
  • Hope everyone lives in harmony
  • Gateway to include more streets in its walkabout
  • More facilities for toddlers and babies
  • Hope that Church of Ascention/YMCA gets built in Brookfield

Thanks to everyone who visited and to all who helped make the Table Top Sale and Christmas Mini-Market at St Mary Magdalene Church a smashing success!

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