What matters to residents of Deepdale?

25/8/2011 by

On Saturday 20th August, SpeakUpDeepdale were at the Catherine Beckett Centre to ask people their opinions on the area they live in.

We used the ever popular “opinion trellis” to find out what residents’ likes, dislikes and solutions to local issues were. Here is a taste of what we found out.


When asked what locals liked about living in Deepdale we received some very interesting responses ranging from the quality of local parks and schools, to the diversity of shops available. Many people valued the proximity to the city centre and how easy it was to get to and from there. For many, it was their friends and neighbours they saw as positive and why Deepdale is a good place to live.


Of course, there were just as many negatives, mostly focussed around drugs, gangs and prostitution in the area. Issues which local police and resident groups are well aware of and actively work towards resolving.

Other issues which concerned locals included littering, especially in certain areas away from the main road. Some residents told us that there was a problem with people coming from outside the area and fly tipping. There are also problems caused by dog owners allowing their pets to foul the streets and not clear up after them.


It was also raised that there were not enough activities for young people, matched with some areas of land which have not been used for a long time.

We asked the residents to identify potential solutions to some of these issues and received some extremely positive responses.

Ideas included more bins and bags for dog fouling; and suggestions for areas which could be utilised as play areas. Locals would also like to see a larger police presence in the evenings. One solution offered summed up the spirit of the day and, to an extent, what SpeakUpPreston is all about: “Instead of complaining about young people, get involved in offering some time to help with youth clubs etc..”


The theme of youth clubs was raised as the Catherine Beckett Centre are currently looking at ideas for youth activities in the area. To assist with this we asked about the type of youth activities residents would like to see.


Many suggestions were based around sports and physical activities, such as a gymnastics club, football and games. Some suggested more nature based activities, such as rambles and wildlife activities. An interesting suggestion was to run sessions on “life skills” such as cooking, hair and make-up which seemed to interest a number of young people.

Although, as much as we hate to admit it, some of the suggestion are even outside of SpeakUpPreston’s capabilities. Or are they?


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