A friendly face on the streets

5/9/2011 by

In January 2003,  Rev Les Issac (Director of the Ascension Trust) took to the streets of London and saw incredible results, including a drop in crime in the area the group was working. Since then over 100 teams of Street Pastors have been set up across the UK.

The scheme is described as an “inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue.”

The Preston group was formed in 2008 and began work on the streets of St Matthews and the St George’s areas of Preston. This has now grown to cover other areas, and the team has swelled from 24 volunteers, to 40 volunteers across 20 churches.

We spoke to Nina Woodfield about the work of the Street Pastors, and how others can get involved.

To hear the full audio interview, as broadcast on Preston FM, click play below

Street Pastors by Speakuppreston

If you would to know more about Street Pastor or how to get involved, visit the website on www.streetpastors.co.uk

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